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Cake, Donuts, Cheesecake, Ice cream, and More

Of course wedding cakes are the most common desserts to have at a wedding and the most traditional staple. But for some couples, other sweets are more important. What about your Grandma's delicious apple pie that she makes for Thanksgiving every year? Or that cookie dough ice cream you ate on your first date? There are no rules to creating your own traditions and doing something fun that goes along with your personality.

There are ways that you can still incorporate the "cake cutting" tradition even without a cake. You can still cut a piece of pie, cut part of a donut, cut a piece of cheesecake. Want ice cream? Get an ice cream cake and that way you can still carry on the tradition. I don't think your guests will complain either way, I mean who doesn't like sweets?

Here are some interesting facts about the wedding cake!

*Did you know that the "cake" actually started out as a bridal pie? Up until around the 19th century couples served pie at weddings.

*One of the largest wedding cakes used 10,000 pounds of cake batter and nearly 5,000 pounds of frosting. Can you talk about a sugar high?!

*It has been said that single bridesmaids would take a piece of the wedding cake, place it under their pillow that same night and would dream about their future husband.

*The most expensive wedding cake cost $30 million.

*Cake toppers started to become popular in the 1950's.

Who knew that a wedding cake can be THAT big?! Can you say, leftovers for days?

Being a wedding planner, I definitely love the idea of being traditional and keeping the wedding cake as the main dessert. But hey, I also think its great to be unique and offer other desserts that fit your personality. Either way, you can't go wrong because sweets are sweets and delicious no matter what it is.


The Knot- 12 Weird Wedding Cake Facts

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